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January 2014

For the celebration of Jheronimus Bosch's jubilee in 2016, the city of Den Bosch would house multiple cultural activities on multiple locations. The organisation was working on Also a special route was layed out for the visitors. In order to furthermore connect the activities into one concept, the organisation Bosch500 asked students from Avans University of Applied sciences to pitch and prototype a unique event app concept.

Together with my project group we did not just create a functional app, but we created an overarching concept complementing the existing locations and route with additional multisensory experiences that can be initiated within the app.


We wanted the user to be able to experience the ages of Hieronymus Bosch and interact with his art in fun way. Also, we believed interaction with the physical world could make the experience really impactful, so we didn't rely on the app to be the experience but rather use the app as a tool supporting the experience.

With our concept we introduced a new verb:

to transform a situation into a way in which Hieronymus Bosch could have lived/experienced it.

The app would make this possible enabling multisensory experiences throughout the route.

Multisensory experiences

Using our research we ideated new experiences that could be placed on the routes.

Simulated city fire

An inmense city fire destroyed an important part of Den Bosch in 1463. The Verwerstraat, where the fire originally broke out, was on the route so we ideated a suspenseful experience simulating the event through projection and sound.

Bosch bakers bread

We came across an old fashioned bakery on the route, so I thought: "How would the bread have tasted back in the 1500s?" Could we get the baker to create a special recipe bread and invite the passersby into the bakery to taste it?

A personal Garden of Earthly Delights

The famous painting of Hieronymus Bosch is packed with fantastical figures. Where to start? How about starting with an empty garden?

With every "jheronification" users unlock new figures for their garden, and even better: at some locations they are able to place themselves into the painting by taking a selfie, and thus creating a personal version of the Garden of Earthly Delights.


For the expo I developed a (almost) fully functioning proof of concept: an web-based app built using the Phonegap platform.

The prototype allowed the user to jheronify various locations on the route.

  • 1. "Het Tuighuis". Visitors could take a selfie and integrate themselves into their painting.
  • 2. Local bakery. Visitors could taste bread baked with ingredients used in the age of Bosch.
  • 3. The market square. Visitors could learn more about the water well which was the city's most important water source in the age of Bosch.

Android app (.apk) iOS app (.ipa)

The prototype was optimised for iOS (iPhone 5). Jheronifications are triggered by GPS coordinates, so only available in Den Bosch.

Concept video I made for the expo

So much to talk about

There is more than meets the eye. Interested in knowing more about this project? Drop me a message.